Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Jason Frasor Era Has Come To An End

I wasn't planning on writing anything here today, but you just can't turn your back on Kenny Williams. He'll up and trade somebody without the slightest hesitation.

You may remember earlier this winter when the White Sox exercised the $3.5 million option on Jason Frasor, and you thought to yourself, "It's somewhat odd that we're supposed to be cutting salary yet picking up $3.5 million on a reliever that wasn't very good after we got him from Toronto last season, isn't it?"

It was. But it's no longer a concern. Jason Frasor has been sent back north of the border for two minor league pitchers.

The White Sox tweeted the news on Sunday.

White Sox acquire RHPs Myles Jaye and Daniel Webb from Toronto for RHP Jason Frasor. #WhiteSoxSun Jan 01 18:33:52 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

I know nothing of either of these guys, but hey, Kenny is stockpiling minor league arms. He's turned into some kind of anti-Kenny.

As for how I feel about the trade, whether Jaye or Webb turn out to be anything of value doesn't matter. What Kenny essentially did was pick up Frasor for half a season and ship off a bad contract in Mark Teahen and Edwin Jackson wasn't coming back in 2012 anyway. So then he tops it off by sending Frasor back to Toronto and saving the $3.5 million there and gets a couple minor league arms to boot.

Oh, and we got Zach Stewart as well.

I want to pat the man on the back.


  1. So as of now they have one right handed reliever with significant Major league experience? Do you if Pena is back? Haven't heard a peep on him.

  2. Pena won't be back. As of now the pen will look something like this

    Ohman, LHP
    Thornton, LHP
    Crain, RHP
    Addison Reed, RHP
    Stewart or Humber, RHP

    Then a mix of Molina (RHP), Axelrod (RHP), Santiago (LHP), Infante (RHP), Castro (RHP) and a few other battling it out for the final two spots.

  3. Another good article. Thanks for this website.


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