Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jake Peavy And Ozzie Guillen: Still Not Bros

It's the winter, which apparently means it's time for Jake Peavy to air his grievances about everybody that was a part of the White Sox organization during the 2011 season. First John Danks was kind enough to tell everybody about how Peavy and Don Cooper were butting heads a bit before the end of the season, and then Peavy made sure to let everybody know that there were no problems and everything is cool.

Of course, while Peavy was saying that bros were bros, he was also saying that Ozzie Guillen needed to go and that the two of them didn't end things on the best of terms either. The duo then kissed and made up on Twitter shortly after, but apparently that truce has come to an end.

Peavy appeared on The Score on Saturday (audio here), and while he was on the air, he managed to get a few more digs in at Guillen.

"I know he had a hard time, saying I quit on him, which couldn't be further from the truth," Peavy said. "I would never quit on a team. Ozzie didn't finish the season with us the last (two) games. So I don't know who quit on who."

The problems between Peavy and Guillen began when Kenny Williams and Don Cooper decided that Peavy should be shut down for the rest of the season in early September without consulting Guillen.

"At the end of the day, Ozzie didn't really know what goes on, (about the decision)."

My honest reaction to all of this is to roll my eyes. I have no idea why Peavy feels the need to go on the radio and say all this now that Guillen is gone, but at the same time, I'm not sure why Guillen would be upset seeing as how it was pretty clear he already planned on going to Miami anyway.

At this point I'd rather just leave the abortion that was the 2011 season in the past and move on to the abomination that will be 2012.

That's me, always looking forward.

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