Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help Us, Addison Reed, You're Our Only Hope

I feel like it's my duty to remind everyone how terrible the White Sox farm system is at least once a week on this blog, and guess what time it is!

Before you continue to read, maybe head to the fridge or liquor cabinet and grab yourself a beer or a bottle of something stronger. You might need it. released its list of the top 100 prospects in baseball on Wednesday, and as you'd expect, there weren't a lot of White Sox prospects on the list.

In fact, there was only one, but at least that's better than zero.

That one was Addison Reed.

He came in at #100.

So what that means is that in's opinion, there are only 99 minor league players in baseball that our better than the Sox' top prospect. That's an average of only 3.4 prospects per organization that are better than our best!

Told you that you'd need that drink.

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