Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ever Want To Throw Stuff At Bud Selig?

If you've been sitting around wondering whether or not you should attend Soxfest this year, there's some big, exciting news that will no doubt tip the scales on your decision.

The White Sox announced on Tuesday that Bud Selig is going to be attending the first day of Soxfest. That's right, thee Bud Selig. The guy who gets over $20 million a year to attend baseball games and visit play-by-play booths.

I know, I'm excited too!

Selig will be there to present Jerry Reinsdorf with an award.
Selig is slated to present White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf with the 2011 Commissioner's Award for Philanthropic Excellence, which the club learned it had won in November. He will also take part in a seminar with White Sox fans. 
The Commissioner's Award was created in 2010 to recognize outstanding community efforts by a Major League club. The White Sox are being acknowledged for the "White Sox Volunteer Corps" program, a unique initiative designed to activate the club's fan base to help give back to the greater Chicago community through service.
You know, maybe if Jerry Reinsdorf didn't spend so much money on helping people the White Sox could afford to not pretend they're rebuilding and could make a playoff run in 2012.

Way to go, dick.

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