Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baseball America Lists The Top 10 White Sox Prospects

Just in case the headline to this post didn't give it away, Baseball America released its list of the top ten prospects in the White Sox organization on Wednesday. And, yes, in a way, listing this team's ten best prospects is like listing Nicolas Cage's ten best movies, but we have to deal with what we have for now.

As you'd expect, Addison Reed is currently "The Rock" -- praying Dayan Viciedo becomes "Raising Arizona" --  and everyone else is probably "National Treasure" or "Season of the Witch" but let's just be optimistic for now.

Anyway, here's the top ten.
  1. Addison Reed , RHP
  2. Nestor Molina, RHP
  3. Simon Castro, RHP
  4. Trayce Thompson, OF
  5. Jake Petricka, RHP
  6. Keenyn Walker, OF
  7. Jhan Marinez, RHP
  8. Tyler Saladino, SS
  9. Juan Silverio, 3B
  10. Ozzie Martinez, SS
As you no doubt noticed, astute White Sox fan, the second and third best prospects in the system haven't actually played an inning within the organization yet. Both Nestor Molina and Simon Castro came as part of the Sergio Santos and Carlos Quentin trades respectively.

So whether you liked those deals or not, their impact on the farm system is already clear.

While perusing Baseball America's article, however, I couldn't help but become depressed when I saw the list of the team's top prospects of the last ten years. And since I'm depressed, you have to be depressed.

Check out these bad boys.
  • 2002 - Joe Borchard
  • 2003 - Joe Borchard
  • 2004 - Jeremy Reed
  • 2005 - Brian Anderson
  • 2006 - Bobby Jenks
  • 2007 - Ryan Sweeney
  • 2008 - Gio Gonzalez
  • 2009 - Gordon Beckham
  • 2010 - Jared Mitchell
  • 2011 - Chris Sale
Thank god for Chris Sale. He, Beckham and Mitchell are the only three still within the White Sox organization. Oh, and Mitchell isn't even listed in the top ten. So, you know, AWESOME.

Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to go crawl inside a bottle of Maker's Mark.

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  1. The weird thing about how depressing that list is that BA said the White Sox had the best farm system in 2001.


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