Monday, January 9, 2012

Barry Larkin Is Your Hall Of Fame Class

The newest class of the Hall of Fame was announced just a little while ago and Barry Larkin is the only inductee this year. Which he totally deserves, but as I made clear earlier today, he wasn't the only player who deserved it this year.

As for how everyone else fared, voting totals are after the jump.

You need 75% of the vote to be elected.
  • Barry Larkin 86%
  • Jack Morris 67%
  • Jeff Bagwell 56%
  • Lee Smith 51%
  • Tim Raines 49%
  • Alan Trammell 37%
  • Edgar Martinez 37%
  • Fred McGriff 24%
  • Larry Walker 23%
  • Mark McGwire 20%
  • Don Mattingly 18%
  • Dale Murphy 14%
  • Rafael Palmeiro 13%
  • Bernie Williams 10%

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