Monday, January 16, 2012

Appreciate The Slogan

While the White Sox haven't officially announced it yet, Joe Cowley broke some news on Twitter Monday night. According to Cowley the new White Sox slogan for 2012 will be "Appreciate The Game."

My honest reaction to hearing it was, naturally, to laugh. It's somewhat impossible to think that the team has gone from "All In" in 2011 to "Appreciate The Game" in 2012 and not laugh. Even if it's only a defense mechanism to fight back the tears currently welling in your eyes.

Anyway, since the slogan hasn't been officially announced yet, I figure there's still time to get it changed if need be. Maybe the team hasn't ordered all those pocket schedules with the slogan on it just yet.

So here are just a few off the top of my head, all of which I feel are suitable. As for whether or not they're better than what the White Sox have, I'll let the Sox decide.

Feel free to use one of them, I won't even charge you, Mr. Reinsdorf.

"At Least We've Won A World Series In The Last Century."

"Because The Blackhawks and Bulls Don't Play Every Day."

"What The Hell Else Are You Going To Do?"

"White Sox Baseball: It's The Thought That Counts."

"We Still Have Konerko!!"

"See Your Favorite Players Now Before They're Traded."

"We're Still Better Than The Royals...We Hope."

"It Was All Ozzie's Fault."

"Enjoy It Now Before The World Ends."

"Don't Worry, We're Still Selling Beer."

"No Expectations, No Disappointment."

If you have any others, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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