Thursday, December 29, 2011

White Sox Officially Announce The Danks Extension

Just in case you were still so surprised by the announcement that the White Sox had signed John Danks to a contract extension that  you thought it was some kind of hoax, it wasn't. The White Sox officially announced the deal on Thursday and it's for the five years and $65 million that had been reported.

The only oddity, and it's not even an oddity, is the way that the deal will be paid out.

Danks will make $8 million in 2012, but then get $14.25 million in each season from 2013 to 2016. Which is probably a result of the White Sox saying "PLEASE, JOHN. TAKE LESS THIS YEAR WHILE WE STILL HAVE TO PAY JAKE PEAVY. PLEASE. ONCE HE'S GONE YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE MONEY, BUT THIS YEAR WE NEED YOU TO CUT US SOME SLACK."

Danks, being all magnanimous, was like "cool."

Of course there's still no guarantee that the White Sox will be the team paying Danks all that money, as there's still a part of me wondering if this contract extension was nothing more than Kenny Williams trying to improve Danks' trade value in July should the Sox be totally out of it.

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