Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well So Much For That Theory

Ever since the news broke that the White Sox had signed John Danks to a contract extension, there's been a part of me wondering if Kenny Williams had seen the kind of hauls teams like San Diego had gotten for pitchers who were under team control for a few season and decided the best way to get a big return on Danks in a trade would be to give him an extension.

I don't think I was crazy in thinking that, but it does turn out that I was dead wrong. This deal has nothing to do with Danks' trade value, because it's hard to trade somebody who now has a no-trade clause.

Scott Merkin broke the news on Thursday. has learned Danks has full no-trade in first year of deal, limited no-trade over next four years. More to come.Thu Dec 29 21:59:30 via web

So, you know, so much for that theory.

What this means is that even if the White Sox are 20 games out of first place come the trade deadline this summer, Danks isn't going anywhere. At least, not without his permission first.

So when Kenny says that when he said the team was rebuilding, but not knocking over all the dominoes, what he meant was "we're not really rebuilding at all."

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