Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What The Hell Is Going On Around Here?

Well this is the strangest damn rebuild I've ever seen. It's not often that rebuilding projects consist of trading cost-controlled closers, scouting Cuban defectors who will soon be very rich and signing your biggest trade chip to a multi-year extension.

Yet, that's exactly what the White Sox have done so far this winter. So what the hell is going on?

Your guess is just as good as mine. As I said in the Danks post, maybe Kenny is just trying to improve Danks' trade value. It's possible that should the Sox be out of things come July, Danks may once again be part of a lot of trade rumors.

Maybe Kenny realized that it's somewhat hard to rebuild when the contracts you need to dig yourself out from under are still going to be on the books for at least another season.

It's also possible that when Kenny said rebuilding, he had a completely different definition of the word than the one we're used to. He wasn't rebuilding as much as remodeling. He just felt the kitchen needed some new cabinets.

Or, and this is where I'm personally leaning, the White Sox saw the reaction of fans this winter. Ozzie is gone, Buehrle went with him. While I don't have access to the numbers, I'm relatively sure that season ticket purchases have dropped.

So maybe Jerry Reinsdorf saw the reaction and how it affected the bottom line and put the kibosh on this whole rebuilding concept.

I mean, Danks' deal certainly isn't insane by any standard, but it's also a large deal for someone who was basically out the door already. Danks is going to make $13 million a year under his new deal. Mark Buehrle is going to get $14 million a year from Miami and C.J. Wilson is getting $15.5 million a year from the Angels.

So if you weren't willing to give Buehrle $14 million a season, where does the $13 million for Danks suddenly appear from?

It's starting to look like the Sox were just crying poor one more time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Danks is back and has an extension, but I'm also a bit worried.

While I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of a rebuild, the fact is, the White Sox need to do so. The farm system is shot and needs some new blood. The kind that can actually help out in Chicago.

So unless the ultimate plan is to ship Danks and his cost-effective deal out the door for a boatload of prospects, okay, I won't be thrilled but I won't be angry either. But if it isn't, then what the hell is the plan?

To go into next season with the same problems as last season and just cross your fingers hoping Adam Dunn and Alex Rios stop sucking? Pray Gordon Beckham can get out of his own head?

Is the Danks deal an indication of the direction the team is going, or will this do nothing to stop the trades. You can assume that Carlos Quentin is still on the block, but is Gavin Floyd still being floated?

We just don't know.

Honestly, a move that would normally be a clear indication of the direction this team is headed has only seemed to create more questions.

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