Friday, December 16, 2011

A Quick AL Central Update

Our newest enemy
Kenny Williams is pretty selfish. While there's plenty of news floating around baseball these days with free agency and trades, there's essentially nothing going on involving the White Sox. Which leaves me without much to write about here, and that's somewhat of a dick move on Williams' part.

If you're gonna say rebuilding, well then get rebuilding. Forget about getting the right deal or doing what you think is right for the franchise, DO THINGS TO GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT AND CALL YOU AN IDIOT FOR.

The good news is there are things going on elsewhere in the AL Central, and I suppose we can write about that. Here's a quick recap of what's taken place in the last 24 hours.
  • The Twins signed Josh Willingham for 3 years and $21 million.
  • Because the Twins signed Willingham, they had no need to even try and match the 3-year $31.5 million deal the Rockies gave Michael Cuddyer.
  • Detroit's Al Alburquerque had elbow surgery and will probably miss the first half of the season.
Now, while I'm not going to openly celebrate a player being injured, the fact that Detroit will be without one of its bullpen arms for half a season only benefits the rest of the division, even if the Tigers have plenty of depth behind him there.

As for the Twins, the trade off of Willingham and Cuddyer is essentially even. Willingham is a much better hitter against righties than Cuddyer was, which is a benefit for the Twins. However, as far as the White Sox are concerned, I don't mind seeing a guy with a career OPS of .817 with 19 homers and 81 RBI against the White Sox leave for the National League either. Compare those numbers with Willingham's .619 OPS, 1 HR and 4 RBI against the Sox -- in a much smaller sample size of course -- and I'll take it.

Of course, most of Cuddyer's numbers are courtesy of Mark Buehrle, so maybe it doesn't actually matter after all.

Now if we can just make sure the Twins let Jason Kubel walk too...

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