Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mark Buehrle: 'I'll Be Back'

Maybe it's the fact that his departure is still so fresh, but I won't pretend I didn't respond like a schoolgirl upon reading what Mark Buehrle told Chuck Garfien on Sunday night.

Garfien was interviewing Buehrle for CSN's "Chicago Baseball Hot Stove" and Buehrle wanted to let Sox fans know that he's not saying "goodbye." He's just going to the gas station for cigarettes.

He'll be back.  He promises. And he'll be a lot richer when he does return.

“I think I’ll always be a Chicago White Sox no matter what happens from here on out,” Buehrle told CSN Chicago. “I kind of told some people, I said, ‘It’s just a 4-year break. I’ll be back before you know it.’ Maybe I’ll be playing, maybe just bugging people in the clubhouse, just coming through getting fat and drinking a beer, having fun and watching the game as a fan. It’s just a 4-year break, and I’ll be back before you know it.”

That's nice, but honestly, looking at the state of this farm system, and what could be coming over the next few weeks, I can assure you, Mark, these next four years will not go quickly.

That's 648 games, not including spring training, at roughly 3 hours per game. And you know that if the team is losing then Hawk will be unbearable, so those 3 hours will seem twice that long.

So, no, it will not be quick.

Thankfully I've made this for myself to sit and look at, whenever things just feel like too much.



  1. May want to fix the grammatical error up top. Just a suggestion.

  2. Which grammatical error would that be?

  3. Ha, I'm an idiot. I'm scouring through the first few paragraphs wondering what the hell is wrong. It's the headline.


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