Friday, December 2, 2011

Kenny Actively Shopping Danks, Kinda

As I wrote about when it came to John Danks' contract situation yesterday, it sounds more and more like Danks will not be with the White Sox next season. When reading between the lines of what's being reported and going off what the White Sox have said since the season ended, it just seems more likely Danks is pitching somewhere else next year rather than with the White Sox.

And that perception didn't change after reading Joe Cowley in the Sun-Times on Thursday night.

According to Cowley, Kenny Williams is actively dangling Danks in trade talks, though there's a caveat to it. One of Cowley's sources told him that Kenny offered Danks but "asked for everyone on our roster in return."

Now, what this means is that Kenny is probably just trying to get a feel for what the market for Danks is before heading to Dallas for the winter meetings on Monday. He's not actually trying to get a deal done at the moment, so while he's shopping Danks, it's more window shopping than anything else.

Which doesn't mean Danks won't be moved at the meetings next week. That's still a distinct possibility, especially when you consider that Cowley said in his story that Williams isn't really doing anything with Gavin Floyd.

This could just be because Williams knows he can get more in return for Danks, and doesn't want to move Floyd before he knows what he can get for Danks. If there's nothing available that meets his terms for Danks next week, then maybe he starts putting Floyd out there.

Of course, it's also possible that while Kenny is getting a feel of what the market for Danks is, and not planning on trading him at all. Payroll shedding or not, Williams is and always has been the type of general manager that wants to put together a team he thinks can win, not delve headfirst into a rebuilding project.

So maybe he's just trying to see who he can talk to and what he can get for Danks come July if the White Sox are out of it and there have been no improvements in talks for a contract extension.

The truth is, at this point, anything is still possible. There could be a full-blown rebuilding project coming our way, we could just see a few guys move -- I consider Carlos Quentin as good as gone -- or we could see the White Sox stand pat and pray that Alex Rios and Adam Dunn revert to a less craptacular mean.

Everything we've heard to this point is just talk. We won't know what's really going on until next week.

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