Monday, December 12, 2011

John Danks Is Popular Again

As you'd expect given both Mark Buehrle and C.J. Wilson are now off the market, the interest in John Danks is starting to pick up. Whether or not that means Kenny is ready to lower his asking price, we don't know.

What we do know is that while Sunday was apparently "Ask About Our Carlos Quentin Day" as the Sox reportedly talked to Toronto and Boston about him, it seems it's John Danks' turn in the spotlight once again.

According to Jon Heyman, who reported about the talks between the Sox and Blue Jays on Sunday, the Yankees are still interested in Danks.

#chisox asked for 2 of montero/banuelos/betances for danks. #yankees might -- might -- give up 1 in a package. worth watching.Mon Dec 12 13:25:02 via Mobile Web

Kenny originally asked for both Montero and Banuelos in any deal for Danks, which the Yankees balked at. Whether one of those three plus another player or two will be enough for Williams, we'll have to wait and see.

Though the Yankees aren't the only team that have inquired about Danks, either. They've also reportedly been talking to the Red Sox about Danks as well, though there is no word on what players were discussed.

Either way, the obvious thing for Kenny to do here would be exploit the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry to get each team to drive up the price. Still, even then it's hard to see Williams getting two of those three Yankee prospects or the Boston equivalent considering that Danks will be a free agent after 2012.

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