Thursday, December 1, 2011

John Danks Contract Talks At A Stalemate

At this point we just don't know whether or not John Danks will still be with the White Sox by the time spring training begins. What we do know is that there are teams interested in him and that Kenny is willing to listen to offers for him.

We also know that Danks has one year of arbitration remaining before he can become a free agent after 2012, which is one reason Williams is considering moving him via trade. Then there's the possibility that the White Sox will lock Danks up with a contract extension, which they've tried in the past.

Well, it doesn't seem like that's going to work right now either.
According to Doug Padilla, contract talks between Danks and the White Sox have hit a stalemate.
The Chicago White Sox haven't made a long-term contract offer to starter John Danks very recently because they were rebuffed after multiple attempts not that long ago, a source told on Thursday. 
The stalemate in negotiations has increased the possibility that Danks could be traded, but indications are that that White Sox have not lost complete faith that a deal could be worked out with their left-hander.
Odds are that if the White Sox don't trade Danks that they'll try to work out another deal with him during spring training, but if the reports that they've been rebuffed are true, maybe Danks just doesn't want a long-term deal in Chicago. Given how much a guy like C.J. Wilson stands to make this winter, there's a chance that Danks would rather just pitch one more season and then hit the open market.

That could explain why Williams is so open to the idea of trading Danks the same winter Buehrle is going to leave, removing both left-handed starters from the team's rotation and replacing them with Chris Sale. Someone who has been amazing out of the bullpen, but is yet to prove himself as a starter.

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