Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jake Peavy Loves Everybody, Everything That Happened Was Great

Following a story in the Chicago Sun-Times by Joe Cowley in which Anonymous Pitcher said that Jake Peavy and Don Cooper don't have the best of relationships, Jake Peavy felt it was best he go to the Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales and clear the air.

Peavy told Gonzalez that there was only one time when he was upset with Cooper, and he let him know about it and the two moved on.

"The one thing about it, Coop and I have an open relationship," Peavy told Gonzalez. "There was one time where I disagreed about something he said about me being on and off after coming back from the surgery, and I told him about it.

"But let's be real: The Sox don't win a World Series without Mark Buehrle, and look at what Coop has done over the years. It takes time to know someone. I have no problems with (Cooper)."

Peavy also talked about Ozzie Guillen, saying their relationship ended on bad terms because Peavy was shut down in September, and that Ozzie "didn't care for" Peavy at the end of the season because he couldn't use him.

He also said that Guillen moving on was the best thing for everybody.

"Things needed to change with the way we did things," said Peavy. "We're all to blame. It wasn't just Ozzie."

"I'm not, in any way, bashing Ozzie. He took this franchise to the World Series (in 2005), and now he has a chance to fulfill a challenge in Miami. But we all saw (Guillen's departure) needed to happen — for both sides. I don't think it's a shock what I'm saying. We have a fresh face (Ventura) with a new attitude and a guy who is highly respected."

So, there. It's nice to see that nobody is slamming anybody publicly. It's always a bit refreshing, though to be honest, I don't know that I really believe Peavy here, even if I do appreciate the way he's going about it.

Still, for all we know, Anonymous Pitcher in Cowley's story was Jake Peavy.


  1. Jake Peavy is an idiot. Try staying healthy for a season and maybe someone might listen to you. Jake and Kenny are the problems not Ozzie. I'm more excited for Miami this year then Chicago. Sad.

  2. If you're more excited for the Marlins' season, you can leave. You're obviously not a great fan.


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