Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It Has Begun: White Sox Trade Sergio Santos to Toronto

Kenny Williams said earlier this week that the first move he made this winter would give us all an indication of what the White Sox were planning on doing this offseason, and I guess we all know now.

The White Sox traded Sergio Santos to the Blue Jays for Nestor Molina on Tuesday.

This move will likely cause a lot of White Sox fans to be angry or confused, as Santos was an effective closer for the team last season and has a very friendly contract. However, the player the Sox get in return is now the best prospect the Sox have in their system.

So if you are angry at the White Sox for having a barren system, you can't really be upset with them for adding to it, can you?

If Molina is as good as some of the scouting reports that I've been reading on him the last few minutes indicate, this could be a great move for the White Sox. I liked Sergio. He was good at his job.

Still, if Molina turns out to be nothing more than a solid #4 starter in the White Sox starting rotation than he's more valuable than Santos was as a closer. It's that simple.

According to Baseball America's Jim Callis, while Molina doesn't have "electric stuff" he's a strike machine.

As for what moves the Sox will make next, I have to warn you, when talking to media about the trade he did say the "R" word. That's right, rebuilding.

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