Monday, December 5, 2011

Extra Innings: 12/5/11

Extra Innings is a link dump that will run every weekday evening that features news stories that The Asylum didn't get to that day, or just posts throughout the White Sox blogosphere that are worth your attention.

- Though Ron Santo made the Hall of Fame, Minnie Minoso did not. And I agree with Margalus that this better not be the reason why. [South Side Sox]

- The winter meetings began today and there hasn't been much on the White Sox front of any real consequence. Kenny's still talking about trading Danks and the Marlins are interested in Mark Buehrle. [Chicago Tribune]

- The Sox released their spring training schedule. Just 80 days away from camp! [White Sox]

- The Twins will remain beatable in the late innings next season. [MLB Trade Rumors]

As for the meetings, if anything does happen tonight, I'll be back to write about it. However I don't see it happening.

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