Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everybody Wants Brent Lillibridge

John Danks, Gavin Floyd, and Carlos Quentin were the names we thought we'd be hearing a lot during the winter meetings. Instead, while there have been those "talks" with interested teams, there's been no movement.

Instead we were all caught a bit off guard on Tuesday with the Sergio Santos trade, and then had to deal with the news of losing Mark Buehrle on Wednesday. That one was expected, but even Kenny Williams was willing to admit that it sucks.

So while things haven't been as active for Williams as he may have been expecting, there is one player on his roster that teams really seem to like. 

Yes, Ken Rosenthal says that The Little Engine That Out-Homered Adam Dunn is the name that other teams keep asking Kenny about. 

While there's no mention of which teams were interested in Lillibridge, I think we can all just assume the Marlins are involved. They're involved with everything right now.

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