Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don Cooper And Jake Peavy Aren't Bros

"Pepsi." "Coke." "PEPSI." "COKE." "I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE!!"

When Ozzie Guillen first left to take over the Miami Marlins, we didn't have to wait long before Ozzie called Don Cooper "Kenny's bitch." Apparently Ozzie wasn't a huge fan of the way Cooper went about getting himself a contract extension last season, and I guess Ozzie wasn't alone in his feelings.

Joe Cowley tracked down another person all too willing to place some blame on Cooper.

In what was supposed to be an interview with John Danks about what's going through his head right now as he hears his name mentioned in so many trade rumors, we got a revelation about what a terrible person Don Cooper is.

“He was in survival mode for the first five months, and then all of a sudden when he got his contract [extension], he was back to ‘good ol’ Coop,’ ’’ one anonymous White Sox pitcher told Cowley. “They preach to us to act a certain way in a contract year, and you have a coach who couldn’t even lead by example. That rubbed a lot of us the wrong way.

“He treated a lot of us differently before that.’’

Danks, who is or isn't the anonymous pitcher, also confirmed that Jake Peavy -- who is or isn't the anonymous pitcher -- and Cooper didn't see eye to eye either.

Peavy was not a fan of what he saw as Don Cooper throwing him under the bus one too many times last year.

“That’s exactly right,’’ Danks said. “Things need to be fixed. I’m easygoing, I didn’t have anything with anyone, but I know Jake and Coop need to both sit down and get on the same page.

“There are a bunch of grown men in there. It’s a clubhouse where guys will go to the person they have a problem with and talk it out. This isn’t a girl’s high school volleyball team. The easiest way to nip all this in the bud is to sit and talk. It’s not always comfortable, but it has to happen with a few guys. It has to get squared away. It can definitely be a distraction if it’s not.’’

I wonder what the narrative will be this spring? Hell, probably the whole season. "Don Cooper is evil" is the new "Oney Guillen."

Honestly, I can't blame Don Cooper for worrying about his job if that's what he was doing. I mean, I was worried about Don Cooper's job as well. The only thing the White Sox had going for them last season, and the only thing that's been consistent about the team in the last decade, has been it's pitching. A pitching staff that, as players have come and gone, has been one of the better staffs in the league throughout Cooper's tenure.

So I wanted him back too.

And, to be honest, if Peavy and Cooper don't become besties this year and the feud continues, then I'm going to be firmly on Team Cooper. Peavy's been paid $31 million the last two seasons to make 35 starts ($885,714.29 per start) and go 14-13 with an ERA of 4.77.

He's been paid like an ace and performed like an injury-prone fourth starter.

Don't get me wrong, the hope is that whatever problems are between Peavy and Cooper, I hope they're resolved and Peavy has the type of season where he earns the $17 million he's slated to make.

If not, well, sorry, Jake.

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