Monday, November 21, 2011

White Sox Offer Adam Dunn To Chicago Bears

Chicago, IL -- Under budget constrictions for the 2012 season, White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is being forced to shave some salary from a White Sox payroll that approached $128 million in 2011.

Longtime face of the franchise Mark Buehrle is expected to leave the team this winter via free agency, and there have been rumors that Williams will trade other players such as Carlos Quentin, Gavin Floyd and John Danks in an effort to field a cheaper team in 2012.

Though on Sunday a new opportunity was presented to Williams to cut costs on the south side.

"I was watching the Chicago Bears play against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday," said Williams. "It's a team that I've become fond of living here in Chicago all these years, and I appreciate the way they've grinded it out over that time. This is a team, under Lovie Smith, that has proven to be Chicago Tough."

Though due to the Bears not being "Chicago Tough" enough, Williams found a new avenue to cut costs.

"Like a lot of Bears fans, I was upset to hear the news that Jay Cutler had suffered a broken thumb in the Bears victory. But in the midst of that dark cloud, I saw the silver lining. The Bears need a quarterback to fill in for Cutler until he returns, and I believe I may have that quarterback for them on my roster."

Williams was referring to White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn, whom the team signed to a 4-year $56 million deal before the 2011 season. Before beginning a baseball career, Dunn was a highly-touted quarterback recruit in high school who committed to play the position for the Texas Longhorns before eventually moving on to baseball.

Dunn did not meet expectations during his first year with the White Sox, and now Williams is looking for a way to not only improve his team's bottom line, but also help Dunn save his image in Chicago.

"There's no question that the view of Adam in this city will improve if he's leading the Chicago Bears to the playoffs, and possibly even the Super Bowl. He can do it. He has the classic quarterback frame and I've seen him throw the football around. We could have a diamond in the rough here."

Williams would not confirm that he'd called Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo on Sunday night, but he did wink.

"We're not going to talk about what we might do," said Angelo when reached by phone on Monday. "We're considering a lot of options, but right now we're happy moving forward with Caleb Hanie."

A problem would be compensation for Dunn, as there has never been a trade between an MLB and NFL franchise in sports history.

"I'd be happy just to dump the salary, though I'm not sure how the NFL salary cap works and if the Bears can fit Adam in," said Williams. "We'd be willing to eat some of the money if it came to that, but as far as players in return, I'm not sure. We haven't gotten to that point yet. Though if Jerry has anybody on that team that can hit, we'll consider them too."

As for Adam Dunn, he's open to all options.

"I just want to play," said Dunn. "Whether that's for the White Sox or the Bears, I don't care. It could take me some time to get ready, though, as I never throw a football during the offseason. But I'm confident that I can be ready if called upon."


  1. I like how Adam Dunn said "It could take me some time to get ready, though, as I never throw a football during the offseason." That goes for swinging a baseball bat as well. Let's work on that Adam.

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