Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teams Are Interested In Sergio Santos

The winter meetings will be getting underway next week, and from the sounds of it, Kenny Williams is going to be a very popular man. Teams know that he's willing to trade some parts this winter, and there are plenty of parts that other teams are reportedly interested in.

One name that just came up on Monday that hadn't been mentioned before is Sergio Santos.

According to Phil Rogers, the White Sox "getting a lot of calls" about their closer.
According to sources, both the White Sox and Cubs are getting a lot of calls about their proven relievers, including closers Sergio Santos and Carlos Marmol. 
Seven teams are trying to fill a void at closer, and five of those (Red Sox, Blue Jays, Twins, Reds and Mets) are also looking for set-up men. While it would be painful to trade arms like Santos and Marmol, they could bring back multiple parts in trades. They are signed to contracts that could make them bargains.
Depending on what the White Sox could get back in return for Santos, much like JJ Stankevitz, I wouldn't exactly be against the idea of moving Santos. Yes, he was very good in the closer role for the Sox last season, and he just signed a very affordable contract (3 years, $8.25 million with options for 2015 through 2017). Of course, it's for those very same reasons that Santos is valuable to other teams.

Let's remember that this is a market in which Jonathan Papelbon got $50 million.

So in my opinion, if the Sox could get a valuable pitching prospect that could fill a role in the rotation either this season or next, that's infinitely more valuable than a closer. Especially considering that Mark Buehrle is gone and John Danks or Gavin Floyd could be following him out the door.

So if some team is willing to part with enticing prospects in an effort to save money on a closer, then it's a move that Kenny should definitely consider pulling the trigger on.

I know Matt Thornton struggled as a closer last season, but a guy like Jesse Crain or Addison Reed could also step into the role and fill it just as well as Sergio did.

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