Thursday, November 3, 2011

La Russa Doesn't Sound That Interested In The White Sox

Tony La Russa had been retired for all of 20 minutes before the speculation that he might return to Chicago to find a job within the White Sox organization began. Speculation that was only fueled further when Jerry Reinsdorf said that he'd love to have La Russa back with the White Sox.

Well, it doesn't sound like that's going to happen.

La Russa was on Waddle and Silvy on Wednesday morning, and when the subject was broached, it didn't sound like something he was interested in.*

"I think they're really set up," La Russa said. "And I think that's the problem. I think they really are. They got their steps in place. Kenny does a good job. They got Rick Hahn.

"They're really set up. I think I can get back into baseball somewhere, but you don't want to go into some place where they already got it figured out."

Which is either La Russa's way of letting Reinsdorf and the White Sox know that he's not interested, or it's his way of telling Reinsdorf to fire Kenny Williams first.

I know it's the former, but hey, it's the offseason and there probably won't be much in the way of big moves for the White Sox this winter. Let's just make shit up to pass the time.

*I would have linked to ESPN Chicago since it was an ESPN Radio show, but the thing is that every baseball story on ESPN Chicago right now is Cubs related. The one article they do have from the La Russa interview is about Ryne Sandberg. The White Sox have been forgotten already.

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