Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kenny Isn't Going To Trade Both Danks and Floyd

I should point out right away that the headline of this post is not a statement of fact, but rather an opinion. Though I'm confident enough of this opinion that I consider it a fact.

It just wouldn't make any sense for the White Sox to trade both John Danks and Gavin Floyd.

The speculation started with this tweet from Jon Morosi.

Kenny Williams won't rule out trading Gavin Floyd AND John Danks. #WhiteSoxWed Nov 16 23:05:26 via txt

Which quickly led to every major media outlet in Chicago writing, "COULD THE WHITE SOX TRADE BOTH JOHN DANKS AND GAVIN FLOYD? IS THERE A MONSTER IN YOUR CLOSET?"

But just because Kenny said that the team might, that doesn't mean he's actually going to do it. This is the winter after all, where words from general managers and tweets from reporters don't actually mean anything. It's all just an attempt to stir the pot and fill the space between the advertisements.

Besides, saying you won't rule something out just means you won't rule EVERYTHING out. I mean, if Dave Dombrowski came along and said, "Kenny, I'll give you Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera for Danks and Floyd, and I'll even take Adam Dunn off your hands. Oh, and we'll pay for Cabrera's salary!" then I'm sure Williams would say yes.

So he's not ruling it out.

But he's not looking to do it, either.

The White Sox had the best pitching staff in the American League last season according to their collective WAR. And that pitching staff is already on the verge of losing Mark Buehrle, which is a loss that could be canceled out depending on how well Chris Sale performs in his new role. But if Williams were to move both Danks and Floyd then he'd not only be cutting salary, he'd be weakening the one strength of his team.

He may be looking to cut some payroll, but the man isn't looking to completely take the team apart and start over either. This is still a man that wants to win and will do everything he can to field a team he thinks can compete for a division title.

He knows trading both Danks and Floyd would be counter-productive to that goal.

So maybe one of them goes, but not both.

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