Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Now Officially Terrified Of Jeff Manto

Flail away, big guy!

When the idea of Frank Thomas becoming the White Sox hitting coach was first floated, I was interested in it not just because Thomas was one of my favorite players growing up, but also because I think his approach to hitting could benefit this team greatly.

Frank was a guy who could pull a home run 450 feet with one arm, but he was also never afraid to take that fastball away and hit it to right field or take a walk. There's a reason he hit .307 with an OPS of .995 as a White Sox, and that's it right there.

Unfortunately Frank didn't get the job, and after hearing the man who did get the gig on the radio Friday morning, I'm officially terrified of him.

Jeff Manto appeared on The Score's Mully and Hanley on Friday morning and was asked about all the things you'd expect him to be asked about, like what his plans for Adam Dunn were. He was also asked about his approach to hitting and his thoughts on Bill James' and sabremetrics, particularly the value of a walk. 

Hanley read Manto's quote about Jason Bay that was on South Side Sox the other day and Manto hasn't really changed his approach.

"I firmly believe that statistics and any kind of statistic that we bring up is a byproduct of a good approach and a good at bat," Manto said on Friday. "When you sit around and have this type of lineup, sitting around to get on base or playing the Bill James Theory, I don't know if that's productive for this lineup.

"Do we want Adam Dunn taking a ball off the plate with a man on third and the infield back and you got Verlander throwing and he walks him? I don't know."

Yes, yes we do know. You most certainly want Adam Dunn taking the walk. Adam Dunn hit .159 last season and he hit .130 with a runner on third and less than two out. You want him to take that walk every damn time it's given to him.

I mean, why on Earth would you not want him to walk?

"What happens is you set up the double play."

Oh god. I'm going to be wishing for Ozzie's bunts by May aren't I?

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