Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chris Sale Is Officially A Starter

This doesn't come as much of a surprise considering that it's been talked about since the White Sox drafted him in 2010, but Chris Sale will be joining the White Sox starting rotation in 2012. Kenny Williams confirmed the news at the GM meetings in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

Which confirms a few things.

One, it just drives the point home that Mark Buehrle won't be returning next season a bit further. If Buehrle is coming back then there isn't as great a need for Sale in the rotation unless John Danks or Gavin Floyd is traded this winter.

Which is still a possibility.

At the moment, if it's only Buehrle who leaves, the White Sox rotation will likely look like this.
  • Jake Peavy
  • John Danks
  • Gavin Floyd
  • Chris Sale
  • Phil Humber
If Danks or Floyd are gone, then Zach Stewart would likely take over as the fifth starter, depending on what the Sox get back in any trade. Though personally I prefer that Stewart start the season as the long man in the bullpen that can step into the rotation when Jake Peavy no doubt gets hurt at some point.

Plus, considering Sale has spent the last two seasons as a reliever, just assuming he's going to fill 200 innings is foolish.

It also might help explain the Sox picking up Jason Frasor's option for 2012. That being said, losing Sale from the back of the bullpen does leave a hole to be filled. Especially if Matt Thornton is traded this winter too, though with Sale leaving for the rotation, I think Kenny would have to be blown away by an offer to part with Thornton at this point.

That would leave Will Ohman as the only lefty in the pen. For now, Addison Reed will be counted on to fill in for Sale, though I think the Sox will still look for another lefty arm to add to the mix.

As for those possible trades, Williams also said that a trade possibility emerged while at the meetings on Tuesday, though he wouldn't go into any specifics as to what that deal involved.

Which means we should speculate wildly. 

ANONYMOUS SOURCES TELL ME that the Red Sox are interested in Carlos Quentin and would be willing to part with Josh Reddick and Will Middlebrooks.

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