Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Buehrle Meeting With The Marlins

Reunion in the works?
As I've said before, over the next few weeks, free agency rumors are going to be coming from everywhere saying everything. The good news is that the White Sox only have one free agent any of us care about losing, and aren't likely to sign anybody big enough to warrant a lot of attention.

So I have a lot less to keep tabs on, but that also means we're all going to be reading about Mark Buehrle a lot.

The latest news has Buehrle and his agent meeting with the Miami Marlins, which is where some dude named Ozzie Guillen is now managing.

From Ken Rosenthal:
The meetings with Buehrle and Reyes will take place in South Florida, one source said. The meeting with Cespedes, which will include Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, will take place in the Dominican Republic. 
The Marlins’ No. 1 priority is upgrading their rotation. Buehrle, 32, played for new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen with the White Sox, but he is a native of St. Charles, Mo., and might prefer to stay in the Midwest, according to a source with knowledge of his thinking.
I'm not all that worried about this unless the Marlins decide to throw such a huge amount of money at him that he'd be an idiot to say no. As I've said before, Buehrle and his agent have to do this dance to make sure they still get a good deal at a destination they'd prefer. Be that in Chicago, Kansas City, or St. Louis.

So if he actually ends up signing with the Marlins, I'll be very surprised.

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