Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alejandro De Aza Will Be The Lead Off Hitter

Among the topics Kenny Williams talked about on Tuesday aside from Chris Sale's future, was what the Sox plan on doing to fill spot left by Juan Pierre at the top of the lineup. Well, for once it appears that Williams might actually agree with what most fans seem to want.

Which is a rarity the last few years.

But it seems Kenny has anointed De Awesome.

"I don't make the lineup out. If I was making the lineup out [De Aza] would be my leadoff hitter,'' Williams said. "But Robin Ventura makes the lineup out and I have to respect that. He will be given a suggestion though as to the Opening Day lineup."

Kenny also said that there's no guarantee that Alex Rios will be starting in centerfield next season, and that the job could be De Aza's, which is very good to hear. Williams basically implied that every position is up for grabs this spring, though I doubt that's seriously the case at shortstop and first base.

As for the outfield and the lead off spot, as I wrote about last week, I'm kind of digging the idea of the White Sox signing David DeJesus whether De Aza bats lead off or not. The truth is that while I love De Aza and am generally excited about what he could do over an entire season, this is still a 27-year old outfielder with only 388 career plate appearances under his belt in the big leagues.

Granted, the 203 plate appearances he's had in a White Sox uniform have been pretty great (.324/.388/.500) but that's an incredibly small sample size to work with. There's no guarantee that De Aza is going to be as De Awesome as he was in 2012. And if that turns out to be the case, the Sox need a contingency plan.

So I'd still like to see the Sox sign DeJesus, and put him in left with De Aza in center and Dayan Viciedo seeing the majority of the time in right field. Then if De Aza sinks, you just cross your fingers and pray real hard that Alex Rios suddenly remembers that he used to be a good player with a lot of promise.


  1. His sample size won't get bigger unless we play him. Injuries and a crowded outfield is what has prevented him from playing previously, not talent. I say play him.

  2. In case I wasn't clear, I WANT De Aza to play more. I totally agree with that, I just think there still needs to be a Plan B, and if I had my choice, that Plan B would be David DeJesus.

    Because if De Aza does bomb, then I'm much more comfortable with Viciedo, DeJesus, and Rios out there than Viciedo, Rios and somebody else.


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