Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will The Sox Be Naming A New Manager Soon?

When Kenny Williams first began talking about finding a new manager, he said that it would be a quick search, and that he was hoping to have somebody named before the World Series, but that it depended on how far some of his targets advanced in the postseason.

Well, we know he couldn't have been talking about Sandy Alomar, since the Indians season ended the same day ours did.

No, if we're to believe just about every report we've heard over the last week, Kenny's top target is Tampa Bay bench coach Dave Martinez. And on Tuesday afternoon in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay's season came to an end thanks to a barrage of Texas Rangers home runs.

Which means Martinez can begin talking to the White Sox.

Which also means that I don't expect the White Sox to be without a manager for much longer. The way Martinez has talked about the possibility of managing the Sox, it sounds like he wants to be here too.

The media reports have said the Sox want Martinez.

The only thing we don't know for sure is what Kenny actually wants to do. Sources are nice, but Williams is the one who is going to be making the decision, and Jerry Reinsdorf will have to sign off on it.

Also, just because the White Sox want Martinez, that doesn't mean they're going to get him. While I don't think it's likely, let's remember that the Boston Red Sox are looking for a manager as well.

They've seen firsthand how valuable Martinez has been to the Rays. They also have the money available that they could outbid the Sox for him if they're interested.

Still, there are a few reasons I don't think that it's likely Boston will jump in the bidding. First of all, Boston needs to figure out if Theo Epstein is staying or going. Second, I'm not sure that after such an epic collapse and the firing of Terry Francona that the Red Sox can really afford to hire a first-time manager.

Even if it makes sense, would the Boston faithful go for such a move?

So if the White Sox do want Martinez, then Kenny should move quick. Don't even give Boston a chance to get involved. I'm hoping that there will be a press conference at The Cell before the end of the week.

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