Sunday, October 2, 2011

White Sox Have No Interest In Francona, Martinez Is The Favorite

Here's some news that's likely going to disappoint a lot of you: according to multiple reports, the White Sox aren't interested in Terry Francona. So far the poll I've put up on the right of the page has had 57 votes with 43% of you saying you want Francona.

So to that 43% I offer my apologies.

There have also been multiple reports, via Twitter and the papers from guys like Brett Ballantini, Joe Cowley and Ken Rosenthal that the favorite at this point is Tampa Bay bench coach Dave Martinez.

Which, honestly, is just fine with me. I certainly wouldn't have been against Francona coming to the Sox, but at the same time he doesn't strike me as the type of manager that the team absolutely had to go out and get either.

Yes, he's won two World Series, but he's also had a few outstanding teams to work with. Teams that were put together by Theo Epstein and an excellent Red Sox front office.  So until those two are separated, we'll never really be sure who deserves most of the credit for Boston's success.

But I'll also freely admit that the idea that both Epstein and Francona could wind up with the Cubs worries me.

Also, as I mentioned in my post about Francona on Friday, I didn't think the Sox would ever be that interested in Francona because of the price tag attached to him. It's just not the way the White Sox have ever worked when it comes to manager.

Dave Martinez fits the mold of a White Sox managerial hire pretty perfectly. He'd be a first time manager, and he has ties to the organization. I'd be very happy with Martinez because he's spent the last few years alongside Joe Maddon, who is straight up managerial magic. Hopefully some of it has worn off on Martinez and he can bring it to Chicago.

Another thing in Martinez's favor is, unlike Ozzie, Martinez actually seems to realize that statistics and number might actually mean something. Let alone the fact that he might actually manage an American League team like an American League team rather than waste outs with sacrifice bunts all the damn time.

Whoever ends up being the manager, though, it won't matter nearly as much as some want to believe. At the end of the day no manager is capable of making a bad team good. Whoever ends up in the dugout next season is going to need players to get this team back to the top of the AL Central and into the postseason.

I just hope that our next manager doesn't feel the need to get into a pissing contest with Kenny.

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