Monday, October 31, 2011

The White Sox Have A Hitting Coach

And no, it's not Frank Thomas. It's not even Jim Thome.

It wasn't a surprising announcement, but on Monday the White Sox announced that Jeff Manto would be the team's hitting coach under Robin Ventura. Manto has spent the last four seasons as the team's minor league hitting instructor and was once this hitting coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Sox also officially announced both Joe McEwing as the team's third base coach and Mark Parent as Robin Ventura's bench coach. Like Ventura, both are former players without managerial experience in the Majors, so who knows how Ventura will figure out how to fill out a lineup card without the help of a grizzled veteran.

As for the rest of the coaching staff, it's all returning coaches from Ozzie Guillen's staff. Don Cooper will still be magically healing pitchers, Juan Nieves will still be telling dirty jokes in the bullpen, and Harold Baines will still be whispering to runners and dodging line drives over at first base.

As for Frank Thomas, he'll continue to shill his new beer. Which I'm yet to try, but I plan on rectifying that situation in the near future.

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