Monday, October 10, 2011

We Now Know Who Robin Ventura's Bench Coach Will Likely Be

As soon as the White Sox hired Robin Ventura people began wondering who he would hire as his bench coach, because since Robin Ventura has never managed a single game in his life -- he only played in 2,079 of them during his Major League career -- he is obviously going to need somebody to hold his hand and guide him through the process of how to spell everybody's name on the lineup card.

Writing the name Pierzynski isn't as easy as you might think.

Immediately Ventura said that he had someone in mind, but that the team had to get permission to talk to him and had to wait because that coach's team was still in the playoffs. Well, the Phillies were eliminated on Friday night and that's when the White Sox asked if they could talk to one of Philadelphia's minor league managers, who just happens to be a former Cub.

That's right, Ryne Sandberg.

No, just kidding, it's Mark Parent.
The Philadelphia Phillies reportedly gave the Sox permission to talk to Parent, who managed Reading, the Phillies’ Class AA team, to a 74-68 record and playoff berth this season. The Sox’ bench coach, who normally doubles as the manager’s right-hand man and confidant, will have a greater responsibility than usual because Ventura will be learning on the job. 
Parent, 50, managed Class A Lakewood to the South Atlantic League championship in 2010. A former catcher, he played 13 seasons in the major leagues, including 1994 and part of ’95 with the Cubs.
Honestly, I'm not going to pretend I know anything about Mark Parent as a coach, because I respect you all too much. All I know is that this picture that popped up on Google makes me incredibly optimistic.

We're gonna win ALL THE WORLD SERIES.


  1. You know you know a lot honestly...

  2. I know you know I know you know but what I didn't know was that I put I know I know.

    You know?

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  4. Wikipedia has him listed as Catcher/Coach, so it looks like we got our player/coach after all. He's only 50, probably lots left in the tank.


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