Friday, October 14, 2011

They Play Baseball In October? - What The Hell Happened To Delmon Young?

Every day during the MLB postseason, NotHawk will "recap" the games that took place the day before. Just so you don't have to watch, because he's charitable like that.


Remember when Delmon Young was good as a rookie and then got traded to Minnesota and sucked? Now he's with the Tigers and he's suddenly stopped sucking. The Tigers hit for the cycle in the sixth inning with Young's second home run of the day proving to be the winner for Detroit. The Tigers now get to delay their inevitable loss.

Texas leads the series 3-2


Randy Wolf versus Kyle Lohse. This is what National League baseball is all about and why National League baseball sucks so much. The Brewers put out a lineup that includes Nyjer Morgan, Mark Kotsay, Jerry Hairston and Yuniesky Betancourt ON PURPOSE and it's now two wins away from the World Series.

Series tied 2-2

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