Sunday, October 23, 2011

They Play Baseball In October? - Right In The Pujols

Every day during the MLB postseason, NotHawk will "recap" the games that took place the day before. Just so you don't have to watch, because he's charitable like that.


Here's the good news for the Cardinals: Albert Pujols now has something in common with both Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as he went deep three times for the Cardinals on Saturday night. Shit, I'm not even sure the second home run has even landed yet, but I'm pretty sure it sent Brad Lidge to his therapist with post-traumatic stress disorder. The bad news is if Albert keeps on hitting like this and the Cardinals win the World Series that the team might be so drunk on champagne it'll actually give him the seven year deal he's looking for.

St. Louis leads the series 2-1

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