Monday, October 3, 2011

They Play Baseball In October? - I Hate All These Teams

Every day during the MLB postseason, NotHawk will "recap" the games that took place the day before. Just so you don't have to watch, because he's charitable like that.


Max Scherzer dazzled the Yankees lineup with his different color eyes and had a no-hitter through six before Jose Valverde's four spare tires did his best to blow his first save of the season in the ninth. Miguel Cabrera homered in the first proving that if Freddy Garcia is your third starter and it's not 2005, then you're in deep shit. The good news is we get Verlander and Sabathia again in Game 3.

Series tied 1-1


Daniel Hudson proved that he's still got a little White Sox in him by giving up 5 runs in his first playoff start, and Brad Ziegler side-armed his way to allowing 4 more runs without getting a single out. How the hell did Arizona get into the playoffs? This team is terrible. No wonder Fornelli is rooting for them.

Series tied 1-1


This game was actually interesting, with the Phillies jumping out to a 4-0 lead early and the Cardinals battling back to take the lead. Unfortunately the only thing I can remember is the 500 god damn pitching changes Tony La Russa made in the 8th inning. YOU'RE JUST SO MUCH SMARTER THAN THE REST OF US, TONY. WAY TO BURN THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE BULLPEN WITH A 1-RUN LEAD SO THAT IF THE GAME WENT TO EXTRA INNINGS YOU HAD NOTHING LEFT. PURE GENIUS. I wish I could fire him every day.

Series tied 1-1

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