Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They Play Baseball In October? - I Had Another Title But Tony La Russa Changed It For No Reason

"I wish they'd let me bring in three relievers at a time."

Every day during the MLB postseason, NotHawk will "recap" the games that took place the day before. Just so you don't have to watch, because he's charitable like that.


I always enjoy seeing Tony La Russa lose a baseball game, but I REALLY enjoy seeing Tony La Russa lose a baseball game thanks to dumbass decisions made by Tony La Russa. He actually brought a reliever in form the bullpen just to intentionally walk a guy. That actually happened. Then, in the ninth inning, down two, he called for the hit and run with Pujols up and a full count. Pujols struck out and Allen Craig was gunned down at second. HE JUST HAD TO GET THAT RUNNER TO SECOND SO HE COULD GET THAT NON-TYING RUN INTO SCORING POSITION. It was as if he was hoping we would all forget he brought in a reliever to INTENTIONALLY WALK A HITTER.

Texas leads the series 3-2

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