Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They Play Baseball In October? - Adrian Beltre Gives Texas The Extra 3%

Every day during the MLB postseason, NotHawk will "recap" the games that took place the day before. Just so you don't have to watch, because he's charitable like that.


Holy shit, Adrian Beltre. A day after Mike Napoli crushed Tampa with a go-ahead home run, Beltre decided to get his Reggie Jackson on and go deep three times. Hopefully it wasn't Dave Martinez who was telling Rays pitchers to keep throwing him fastballs. If it was, stay in Tampa.

Texas wins the series 3-1


Did you know that Tony La Russa was a genius? He is. He didn't invent baseball or anything, but he improves it every day with keen managerial decisions. Like when he decided to let Jaime Garcia hit in the bottom of the 6th, with two runners on and two outs while holding on to a 2-0 lead. Garcia then struck out. To further prove his intelligence, after La Russa kept Garcia in the game, he gave up a lead-off single and intentionally walked Carlos Ruiz to put the go-ahead run on first base. Tony then left Garcia in to face pinch-hitter Ben Francisco. GUESS WHAT FRANCISCO DID? HERE'S A HINT: IT GAVE THE PHILLIES A 3-2 LEAD.

Philadelphia leads the series 2-1


A strange thing happened between Monday night's game and this one. While the whole world was laughing at the idea of A.J. Burnett having to pitch for the Yankees' life, we all seemed to glance over the fact Rick Porcello had to shut down the Yankees offense too. We're all pretty damn stupid.

Series tied 2-2


Every time I watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play I'm reminded that I don't know a god damn thing about the Arizona Diamondbacks, and that I really don't want to. The legendary Josh Collmenter gave up only 2 hits and a run in 7 legendary innings, and the legendarier Paul Goldschmidt hit a grand slam to end it early. On the whole, last night's games blew.

Milwaukee leads the series 2-1

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