Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robin Ventura Won't Be Tweeting

Over the last two days I've been called twice by Robin Ventura. Seriously, on Tuesday he called to deliver a canned message about being happy to be the manager and blah blah blah. I actually don't remember much of what he said because ROBIN VENTURA WAS CALLING ME.

I reverted to a 13-year old kid, canned message or not, it was still him. Kind of talking to me!

My phone rang again on Thursday afternoon as Ventura was partaking in a conference call with fans, where we were allowed to ask him questions. I didn't ask any because I was working at the time, but I listened for quite a while.

The reason I say this is because that's the most interaction I've ever had with a White Sox manager. The closest I ever got to talking to Ozzie Guillen was when I was trying to decipher whatever the hell he was saying on Twitter.


Personally, I prefer the phone calls. And it's a good thing too, because Robin Ventura told Brett Ballantini he isn't getting on Twitter.

“No, no,” Ventura laughed. “Scott [Reifert, White Sox media relations dude] would like me to. I know my kids are on Facebook, but I don’t know if they tweet. There will not be a tweeting thing with me. Some people like that; I just don’t. I’m not good at it, either. I don’t feel like starting now.”

Which is probably for the best because we all saw how Twitter worked out with the Guillen family, and Robin's Twitter would probably be boring as hell.

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  1. Even when I ran Ozzie's Spanish tweets through Google Translator, they still didn't make any sense.


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