Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rick Hahn To Interview With The Angels

By the time the season starts, only one of these guys may be left

There could be some more changes coming to the White Sox organization in the coming weeks.

Remember how Rick Hahn was one of the original candidates to take over as general manager of the Cubs when Jim Hendry was fired? Yeah, well with the whole Theo Epstein negotiation going on with the Cubs, it's obvious that Hahn is no longer in the running for that gig.

Though that doesn't mean there isn't another team out there interested in him.
According to Yahoo's Tim Brown, Hahn is one of a few candidates the Angels plan on interviewing.

Hearing Angels will interview Jerry Dipoto, Rick Hahn, Damon Oppenheimer, Billy Eppler, Kim Ng in coming week or so for open GM spot.Thu Oct 20 00:48:47 via web

I don't want Hahn to leave. For all I know he's the only person in the White Sox front office who appreciates the value of statistics in evaluating players, and if he goes I'm not sure there's a similar voice helping make any personnel decisions.

There are also plenty of White Sox fans who would prefer Hahn was running the show and not Kenny Williams.

Here's what I know, and that's that I don't really know anything. I have a high opinion of Hahn, but at the same time, he's helped put together a farm system that is widely considered one of the worst in baseball. Hell, some believe it is the worst.

So if that's in fact the case, then why are we so worried about losing Hahn? 

If he is playing a large role in the decision making, then it seems his input isn't as valuable as we think. It's either that or his input isn't being appreciated at all, so what does it matter if he stays?

I mean, he's been with the White Sox for 11 years. So he's either played a role in this mess or he's been ignored and didn't care.

So maybe losing him wouldn't be all that big of a deal. Or he gets the Angels job, puts together a perennial World Series contender and we all sit here crying.

Maybe we find out, maybe we don't. Either way, good luck, Rick.

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