Monday, October 31, 2011

La Russa To The White Sox Speculation Didn't Take Long

Before Robin Ventura was hired by the White Sox, Tony La Russa's name was one that kept coming up as a possible candidate to replace Ozzie Guillen. Well, that's obviously out of the question now, but it seems that La Russa might still be coming to the south side.

His announcement that he was retiring on Monday morning lasted nearly an entire five minutes before Phil Rogers floated the possibility.

Rogers thinks that La Russa could end up serving in some kind of advisory role in the White Sox front office.
But Reinsdorf was at Busch Stadium on Friday night to congratulate La Russa on his third world championship. He’s long wondered what would have happened with his White Sox had they not fired La Russa in 1986, and admitted that firing La Russa is his biggest regret as a sports owner. For his part, La Russa has said that if he stays in baseball after managing he’d have to do it with an owner he already knows. 
“I think it would have to be for an owner I know, like Reinsdorf, the Haas family, the people here (in St. Louis),’’ La Russa said. “Those are the owners I’ve known, the ones I’d want to make happy.’’
I know that Reinsdorf and La Russa are close, but would this really be necessary? I can save Jerry some money right now. Here is what La Russa will tell Kenny Williams to do if he works for the White Sox.

"Find as many white guys under 5'7 that you can, and then have them play everywhere. This team only has one Brent Lillibridge. You need like 15 to win a World Series."

There, hire me, Jerry. I'll come cheap.

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