Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kenny Says The Market Will Determine Buehrle's Fate

The green seemed apropos

And he doesn't mean The Market that he owns and the Guillen kids hate, he means the free agent market.

This came out yesterday after I was finished writing for the day, but it turns out that there were other things discussed at yesterday's press conference besides Paul Konerko managing. The issue of Mark Buehrle's free agency was brought up, and Kenny was asked what he thought the chances were that Buehrle would be brought back.

"The market has to tell us what he’s going to command," Williams told Mark Gonzalez. "And we’ll look into then to see if it fits into our planning and budget.

"Listen, whenever it is, when Mark Buehrle leaves, you’re going to have a void. I’m not just talking about the player standpoint, but who he is, what he is, all the peripheral things. You can't ask for a better guy performance wise and non-performance wise."

Which then led to the next logical question about what Williams thinks the payroll will look like in 2012.

"We’ve stretched ourselves over the last number of years," said Williams.

"People wanted to point to last year. I can't recall what payroll was when I first got here, but I think it was in the mid-50s and we steadily pushed the envelope and been competitive in a variety of ways."

With every day that goes by, I become more and more convinced that Buehrle is gone. The fact that the Yankees were eliminated in the ALDS doesn't help matters either. I don't think Buehrle ends up in New York because he's said he doesn't want to pitch there, but the Yankees will drive the market up when they make a bid for Texas' C.J. Wilson.

Which will then increase Buehrle's value elsewhere, because whoever loses out on Wilson is going to overbid for Buehrle. Throw in the fact that Buehrle will be a Type B free agent and not cost a team a draft pick, and he's even more desirable.

Really, the only way I can see Buehrle staying in Chicago is if Kenny gets Brian Cashman really drunk and convinces him to take Jake Peavy off our hands. And I don't think there's enough booze in the world to do that.


  1. Are you surprised Buehrle only qualified as a Type B? I wonder how close he was to Type A.

  2. Well, first, it's not official yet. He's just been projected as a Type B, and likely will be.

    As for whether I'm surprised, yes, in the aspect I've watched him for so long. But at the same time, no because they still use WIN-LOSS as a factor, and he's "only" 76-66 since 2006 with an ERA over 4.

    Things like the fact he throws over 200 innings a season and is consistent don't come into play. So the fact that he's not an "ace" means he's going to be Type B.


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