Monday, October 3, 2011

Joe Maddon Loves Dave Martinez

As I already went over earlier, Tampa Bay bench coach Dave Martinez is the favorite to become the next White Sox manager. So, with that in mind, the Chicago Tribune's Dave Van Dyck went down to Florida to get a feel for the new guy.

In a story on the Tribune website, Van Dyck talked to current Rays manager Joe Maddon about Martinez, and like you'd expect, Maddon had nothing but wonderful things to say.

"He would be very, very difficult to replace, but I would do somersaults (if he got the Sox job)," Maddon told Van Dyck. "He is absolutely ready. He's got a really quick baseball mind.

"He's got that one-step-ahead vision. He's a good instructor, and he's going to be a good planner and in-game kind of manager."

And I'm more than happy to hear it from Maddon, even though it'd be foolish to expect him to say anything else. Still, the fact is that my dream hire for the White Sox would be Joe Maddon just because I think he's the best in-game manager in baseball these days.

So the fact that Maddon thinks so highly of Martinez, and that Martinez has learned under Maddon only improves his standing in my eyes.

Martinez also seems genuinely excited about the idea of coming to Chicago himself.

"It's definitely flattering," Martinez said. "Especially a team like the White Sox, a team I played for and that treated me really well when I was there. Right now, I'm a Ray and my focus is here. But I have fond memories of Chicago — both sides of the city. It would be an unbelievable opportunity. It would be a blessing for me and my family."

So going by media reports and what Martinez is saying, it sounds like it's not a matter of if Martinez will be the next White Sox manager, but when.

Well, unless Reinsdorf lowballs him.

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