Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heyman Says Sox Looking To Give Buehrle A Two-Year Deal

Don't worry, everybody, I read Jon Heyman so you don't have to. Well, actually, I read MLB Trade Rumors breakdown of the info in Heyman's latest post. I can only take so much.

Anyway, the only reason I even went that far was because Heyman talked about the White Sox and Mark Buehrle. According to him, the White Sox are going to offer Buehrle a two-year deal.

The White Sox are expected to try to bring starting pitcher Mark Buehrle back on a two-year deal, and he may be one of the many veterans loyal to owner Jerry Reinsdorf who stays for less. If he leaves, most would expect it to be for his hometown St. Louis Cardinals.
Of course, this is not exactly shocking news. In order to appease fans the White Sox kind of have to make an offer to Buehrle, the question will be how big the offer is, and whether or not the White Sox actually want him to accept it.

As I've said here plenty of times already, I want Buehrle back next season. Unfortunately, with all the talk of the team trying to cut payroll wherever it can, barring some kind of miracle trade or Buehrle accepting a ridiculously low offer, I just don't see it happening.

I have been wrong before, though, that one time.


  1. Mark Buehrle is like comfort food for White Sox fans. Rain or shine, win or lose, they come to see him pitch.

    Reinsdorf knows this. Fans felt similarly about AJ and Paulie last year and you see how he handled them. With Ozzie gone, the odds are much higher Reinsdorf cuts somewhere else and pays what he has to to keep a proven fan favorite at the Cell.

    At least, I hope he does. :)

  2. I know I want him back as well, not for fan reasons, but because I think the team is better with him. Still, considering that the team reportedly wants to cut about $17 million next year, I don't see the Sox doing anything but the "we made an offer and tried to keep him here but he wanted to go somewhere else" routine.

  3. I prefer we keep Buerhle and trade one of Danks/Floyd and Quentin.

  4. I'm pretty confident that Quentin will be gone before January after we get to the winter meetings. And if we have to trade either Danks or Floyd, I prefer it's Floyd that is moved, though I think Danks would bring back more value.


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