Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Extra Innings: 10/18/11

Extra Innings is a link dump that will run every weekday evening that features news stories that The Asylum didn't get to that day, or just posts throughout the White Sox blogosphere that are worth your attention.

- I'm done with all the Ozzie Guillen bullshit, so I didn't want to write about this, but I'm sure you've heard about it. Joe Cowley talked with THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE OZZIE GUILLEN who decided this time he'd call Don Cooper Kenny's bitch without being an anonymous source. [Chicago Sun-Times]

- The White Sox defense, it's not too good and has helped waste a lot of good pitching the last five years. [South Side Sox]

- Doug Padilla says that Jeff Manto is likely to be named the White Sox hitting coach, not Frank Thomas, Jim Thome or even Dan Pasqua. [ESPN Chicago]

- Paul Konerko is a Hall of Famer! [Chicago Tribune]

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