Friday, October 14, 2011

Extra Innings: 10/14/11

Extra Innings is a link dump that will run every weekday evening that features news stories that The Asylum didn't get to that day, or just posts throughout the White Sox blogosphere that are worth your attention.

Sorry for the lack of posting today, but there really wasn't much to post on.

- The White Sox opened some space on the 40-man roster by outrighting Kyle Cofield, Josh Kinney, Shane Lindsay and Leyson Septimo. All four will become free agents. The Sox also activated Tony Pena from the disabled list and then kicked him to the curb. [MLB Trade Rumors]

- Jim wants Mark Gonzalez to know that Alexei Ramirez is the last person the Sox need expect to see improvement from next season. I respectfully disagree. Is he a problem on a roster full of them? No, but as I said yesterday, I wouldn't mind seeing him making more plays on defense. He makes the spectacular plays often enough, but he also suffers from lapses of concentration out there as well. So he doesn't need to improve, but it sure as hell wouldn't hurt. [South Side Sox]

- Though I must admit I do find this funny. Yesterday Alexei needed to improve, and today Brent Morel is a mainstay at third. [Chicago Tribune]

- Jon Heyman says that Robin Ventura was the only candidate the White Sox ever gave serious consideration to. []


  1. I didn't say he's the last person the Sox *need* to see improvement from. I'd say he's not somebody they can *expect* to see improvement from, because he's basically been the same player for three seasons now, and he's 30 years old.

    Sure, it'd be nice to think he could be better, but what's actually saying he can? Counting on improvement with no actual evidence, only the thought "it seems like he should be able to" is the kind of wishcasting that led to Mark Teahen and Mark Kotsay playing significant roles.

  2. Listen, buddy. This is my blog, and if I wanna put words in your mouth....okay, so I fixed it.

    And I hope you aren't denigrating the great name of NLCS participant Mark Kotsay. I mean, the Sox let him go and they don't finish over .500. The Brewers pick him up and now they're in the playoffs.

    Coincidence? TOTALLY.

  3. Ain't no coincidence. Who on the White Sox is able to do stuff like this?



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