Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Durr, What? Jim Thome As White Sox Hitting Coach?

Okay, this is all starting to get a bit comical. The White Sox shocked the world when they hired Robin Ventura, but if nothing else, it kept the string of former players running the franchise fully intact.

Kenny Williams, former player, is the general manager. Ozzie Guillen, former player, was fired and replaced by former player Robin Ventura.

The other two candidates who were favored to get the job, Sandy Alomar and Dave Martinez, are also former White Sox players.

So why should anyone be shocked by the latest rumored candidate to be the White Sox hitting coach?

The Chicago Sun-Times Daryl van Schouwen wrote a story about Ventura's new bench coach Mark Parent -- NOT A FORMER WHITE SOX! DOOMED TO FAIL! -- and he snuck this tidbit in at the end.

Sox farm-system hitting instructors Jeff Manto or Tim Laker are thought to be the top candidates to replace Greg Walker as hitting coach, but don’t rule out the Sox making a play for a bigger name such as Jim Thome. 
Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf loves Thome, 41, whose playing career likely has come to an end after 21 seasons and 604 home runs. The two share the annual habit of meeting for dinner to talk about life and baseball after the season, and a major-league source said Reinsdorf was eager to move this year’s meeting up.

I know the idea of Frank Thomas has been floated around, and I wouldn't be totally against that idea. Thome, though? I know he's the nicest person on the face of the earth, but I honestly don't know what kind of hitting coach he'd make.

Granted, the role of a hitting coach isn't as important as what we like to pretend it is sometimes, but seriously, if this did happen it would feel like Reinsdorf was just trolling us all.


  1. ....like Reinsdorf was just trolling us all.

    Nope, just Frank Thomas.

  2. Frank will be okay. He'll just sit down with a cold can of Big Hurt Beer and drink the pain away.


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