Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did Ya Hear? Kenny Thought About Hiring Paulie!!1!

One Captain To Manage Them All

Here's something that we knew was going to happen the second that the White Sox announced that they hired Robin Ventura to replace Ozzie Guillen: press conferences are never going to be the same.

Sure, Ventura's introductory press conference started off with a laugh after Ventura pretended to walk away after it took a few seconds for somebody to finally ask a question, but for the most part, it was standard boring stuff.

How do you know that it was boring? Because in the hours that have followed it, all anybody in the media that attended has written about is that Kenny said he briefly considered hiring Paul Konerko.

That's it.

"It was considered long enough for me to realize that Paul is a very cerebral person and he would probably drive himself nuts right now playing and managing at the same time," Williams told reporters.

"But that’s the kind of respect I have for him that, yeah, I did consider it. Then I thought I think I would rather him be focused more on hitting third or fourth in the lineup and driving in 100 runs rather than trying to worry about 25 other guys in addition to it. We are trying to win."

While most people are going to read this and think either "Awesome!" or "Holy shit, Kenny has completely lost his damn mind," I took something else away from it.

The White Sox may be serious about cutting the payroll as much as possible this time around. Which means that guys like Mark Buehrle are almost certainly not coming back.

Why do I think this? Well, think about it. If Kenny had as much money as he needed to hire a manager, would he have given any consideration to hiring Konerko at all?

No, the only reason it was more than just an idea he quickly laughed off was because it wouldn't cost much to have Konerko be the manager. Hell, it might not cost anything if Konerko had actually agreed to do it.

The second thing I took away from it was "holy shit, Kenny has completely lost his damn mind.


  1. Can we start calling Kenny a Maverick?

  2. I call Kenny a lot of things. Maverick has not been one of them.

  3. Well in that case, I am going to start calling him that. I think it has been redefined in our society and he seems to follow suit.

  4. Honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "Maverick" is HIIIIIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE.

  5. Before the aborted Konerko gambit was disclosed, I thought that the Ventura hiring stemmed from finding someone like Konerko to be manager. I think Reinsdorf still gets misty and paternal about Paulie giving him the championship-winning ball at the parade and not joining in with Crede, Rowand and AJ on that wretched Journey song.


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