Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cell Could Be Getting More Expensive For Reinsdorf

As you've noticed, the White Sox have been trying to figure out ways to get more money out of us at The Cell. Just this year they opened Bacardi At The Park, which I've been in once and it wasn't half bad. I also sat at a table next to the table Ron Kittle was sitting at, and I was somewhat disappointed that Kitty ordered a Miller Lite.

I mean, I'll drink it when there aren't any other options, but damn it, there were other options.

Anyway, the Sox also plan on opening a sporting goods store at the park to generate additional revenue too.

So Jerry Reinsdorf is finding all sorts of new ways to make money, and it turns out that the owners of the park have noticed, and they'd like a cut.

You see, Reinsdorf rents The Cell, he doesn't own it. The Illinois Sports Facility Authority owns it, and Reinsdorf pays rent while keeping all the profits. And Reinsdorf's rent payment is ridiculously low since he got a sweet deal from then governor James Thompson was its chairman.

Well Thompson is no longer in charge, and the ISFA thinks it's about time Reinsdorf started paying more than $1.5 million a year in rent.

That's right, it only costs Reinsdorf $1.5 million a year. Call it the St. Petersburg Discount.

“If you compare (lease terms) to other sports stadiums around the country, the Sox pay the lowest rent of all the facilities,” said Emil Jones, chairman of the Illinois Sports Facility Authority, told Crain's.

“It's something we'll be looking at."

And I don't blame them for it, because seriously, $1.5 million. I mean, even if every White Sox fan who went to The Cell last season spent $1 the entire time they were there, Jerry still would have made over $500,000 last season, and we all know fans spend a lot more than $1.

Of course, just because it's fair, that doesn't mean it might not suck at the same time. I have no idea how much the ISFA is going to up the rent, but considering the White Sox are already trying to slash payroll, this won't help matters.

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  1. This is bad news for the fans. I already gripe about the $7.50 beers and $4.50 hot dogs. And while Bacardi at the Park is nice looking, the prices in there are even more absurd.

    I wonder how the new sporting good store will effect the Grandstand.


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