Friday, September 30, 2011

White Sox Production Poll: Starters

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Yesterday I introduced you to my Production Poll for the White Sox position players, and today I debut the same poll for the team's starting pitchers.

Much like I do for the hitters, I use a formula I created that uses selected statistics to determine which Sox starting pitcher brought the most value to the White Sox during the season. I broke up the starters from the relievers because although a lot of the statistics I use in each set of rankings are the same, not all of them are, and those statistics mean different things for each pitcher based on their role.

So in order to get an accurate result I had to break them up.

Just like the hitter's poll, I'll be posting these every two weeks for the starters next season, but here's how they all fared during the 2011 season. The pitchers are listed with their scores next to them, the highest score anyone could achieve is 56, the lowest is 8.
  1. Mark Buehrle - 47
  2. Gavin Floyd - 44
  3. Phil Humber - 40
  4. John Danks - 35
  5. Jake Peavy - 34
  6. Zach Stewart - 18
  7. Dylan Axelrod - 9
Shocker of all shockers, Mark Buehrle proved to be the most valuable starter in the Sox rotation this season. Not exactly a surprise considering he led the team in starts, wins, ERA (save for Axelrod's), and innings pitched.

Also not surprising, there's a chance that Buehrle may not be back next season.

Now, compared to previous seasons, 2011 wasn't the best Buehrle we've ever seen, but again, these rankings are in comparison to his fellow starters. While the White Sox pitching staff may have been the only reason this team was even able to flirt with .500, it wasn't exactly as strong as we were all hoping for.

Obviously the biggest surprise was Phil Humber, who, despite a bit of a fade in the second half of the season, proved to be one of the most reliable guys on the staff. 

Then there was Jake Peavy, who turned out to be very expensive and mostly ineffective.

As for John Danks, it was a disappointing season for sure, but not one that was entirely his fault. His offense left him for dead on many a night, but if there's any silver lining it's that his down season may make an extension cost a bit less.

At worst it'll kill him in arbitration.

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