Friday, September 30, 2011

White Sox Production Poll: Relievers

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Now we reach the final installment of the Production Polls for 2011 by taking a look at the bullpen. We've already covered the position players and the starters, but if you're not familiar with what this is and how it's done, I will explain further.

I create a formula and then use certain statistics of White Sox players, compared against their teammates, to determine which players were the most valuable to the team in 2011. Once the 2012 season begins, I'll continue doing these rankings throughout the entire season.

Get it? Okay, then, let's move along.

Each pitcher's score is listed next to their name. The highest score any reliever could have in these rankings was 72. The lowest score was 8.
  1. Chris Sale - 64
  2. Sergio Santos - 59
  3. Jesse Crain - 57
  4. Matt Thornton - 51
  5. Will Ohman - 44
  6. Jason Frasor - 33
  7. Addison Reed - 24
  8. Josh Kinney - 22
  9. Shane Lindsay - 8
It's no surprise that Chris Sale comes in at the top of these rankings, as he was the most dominant and versatile reliever the Sox had all season. Whether he was needed to get one out or six, he generally came out and blew hitters away with his fastball or a slider that I never want to have any part of, and I'm a righty.

Of course, seeing how dominant Sale was as a reliever this season, it does make you wonder if the Sox would be hurting themselves by moving Sale into a starter's role next season. Will he be as effective if he needs to pitch seven innings rather than one or two? I don't know, and thankfully I don't have to be the one who figures it out.

Still, if he does become a starter, it does leave a hole in the back end of the Sox bullpen. Jesse Crain and Matt Thornton pitched well for most of the season, but personally I trust Sale to get the ball to Sergio Santos a lot more than I do either of them.

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